Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

Sept 14 2010 is our 3rd year anniversary..Yay!! It seems like such a long time ago and looking back thinking about this day seemed forever away. So much has happened in those 3 years. We have a beautiful baby boy, we have lived in 5 different homes,been in 5 diff wards, moved 5 diff times and have completely changed direction, going back to school(both of us)and for the same career:) Smart or very stupid I don't know. I hope Corbin doesn't go crazy being with me ALL day long.So many good times to look back on. I have loved him every minute of it, Liked him most of it..Jk honey..And I look forward to the rest of it! I can't believe how crazy our lives have been together so far, but I hope we have many more wonderful years. We have deffinately had our ups and downs and our better and worse...But we know we have eternity to look forward to, so that we can work on it together forever. I love you Corbin Happy Anniversary!!!