Monday, July 12, 2010

More art city days

These are just a few more pics from the aret city days. We finally have a whole family picture of us doing something fun! Thanks to Angie!!

Art City Days

Ok so I don't know how to get the photos to stand up right but oh well...The night after the sleep over was the annual Art City Days in Springville. Corbin and I met Chad and Angie there to pick up our little monster, and oh boy was it a good time. It was kind of chilly and pretty wet but it didn't rain on us while we were there, in fact it made it kind of nice because not very many people came out. The lines were really short and the kids got to do everything they wanted, multiple time and the best part was....Its FREE! Kyles cousisn Robin was such a big help too, the picture of them coming down the slide, she carried him up that 3 times. Corbin carried cooper up the slide 3 times at the 4th of July and said it was hard and Robin is I think like 8 or something. Any way she was such a big help to us! Cooper get to see the pig balloon and he and kyle got a picture with it. Cooper and Kyle are such good friends and it is fun to see them together. I think it is now going to be and annual event for the Emerick Clan!

1st Sleep over

Cooper had his first Sleep over! It was also the first time Cooper had been away over night from both parents. Normally I probably would have freaked out but I wasn't worried at all (about Cooper that is) being with Chad and Angie. We were a little hesitant to leave him for the fact of Chad and Angie's sanity. But we left him and they went to sleep watching Shrek which is Coopers fave movie right now. Cooper woke up and 4am and starting saying, "Kyle go, Kyle go"! Ha ha that did it, the other kids were awake and that meant so were Chad and Angie, all the while Corbin and I were getting plenty of ZZZZ's LOL...Thanks Snyders Cooper loved it and now look at the great memories of Coopers first sleep over...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Last month Corbin and Cooper made a trip up to see Corbins's parents. Cheri, Corbins mom took Cooper shopping and got him a couple of toys and a whole bunch of clothes. As you can tell they have been some of Coopers favorite toys. I absolutely love the picture of Cooper following his dad with the lawn mower. He always wants to do everything like daddy! The cute out fit in the picture with the fire truck is also from Cheri. We are so thankful for Jeri and Cheri and all they do for us and for Cooper. Thank you! You guys do so much for us.

Cooper has recently really found a new love in life, SHREK! He loves it and watches it all the time. Almost every morning he wakes up and asks "watch Shrek mom watch Donkey"..Ha ha and he sits there with his "Shrek Helmet" he calls it. He wore that helmet to the store the other day telling everyone its his shrek helmet. Hilarious, Corbin and I get such a kick out this kid!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Who woulda thought?

John Beck in Salina Utah for the 4th of July! we were getting Cooper lined up for the races when one of my friends parents told me John Beck was over there. I quickly told Corbin and I wish you could have seen his face light up. Corbin stood next to his wife so that we were right next to them in the race. Afterwards he went over and asked if he could get a picture. Corbin also went home to get Coopers BYU football from Kyle and got it signed. John was a really cool guy actually and stood and had a conversation with corbin about passed and current BYU players. It totally made Corbins Day! Salina is now on the map LOL...Probably the most exciting 4th yet for Corbin. He has been chomping at the bit for me to put this picture up so that everyone can see. So here it is!

4th of July 2010

Every 4th of July my mom gets a picture of the Grandkids. We were missing a few this year but next year we will have the whole crew. As you can tell Cooper missed nap time because of the games at the park. He did turn out to be pretty enjoyable! When it came time for the races Cooper got a slow start but he did beat John Becks son even though it looks like he is beating Cooper in the picture he actually turned back around to his mom. Watch out BYU here we come! In the last picture that is the back of Coopers head (great pic I know) but he was so excited to ride in the fire truck. I was a little worried that when it came right down to it he wouldn't ride in it but he did with a smile on his face. It was a great 4th, Cooper got to go down the blow up slide (which was probably more fun for his dad LOL), have a snow cone, Cotton candy which he promplty spit out in my lap, snatched up tons of candy at the parade and saw horses, trucks, motorcycles, and much more and last of all the fireworks that Cooper decided he didn't really care for this year. Now to look forward to next years experiences!

Cooper Age 2

My sister Jenny and Kim Hallows always take their kids different places and get the cutest pictures. The other day they were kind enough to let Cooper and I come along. We got so many cute pictures these are just a few, and just in time for Coopers 2nd birthday. I am so glad to have these I am the worst at taking pictures, printing them, blogging them, and especially getting them sent out to everyone. So hopefully these get to all the Grandma's and others who want them! Also thanks to Tammy Harrison for letting us use her beautiful yard and Grandma Emerick for getting the cute shirt! Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen!! What a little stud muffin...Corbin says he takes after him, but we all know the truth ;)...