Monday, May 14, 2012


I decided to try and keep this blog going mostly as kind of a journal of our lives. I love looking at my old pictures and stories on here and so here is my update. Last year Corbin and I were living with my parents and going to school at Snow College. We LOVED it btw! My dad got called to be a mission President in the Quezon City North Mission. That left Corbin and I here to live in their home and have baby boy #2 without them. Karson Evan Emerick was born July 27 and is the joy of our lives. We all love him very much as cliche as that sounds, its true! Corbin now works for Mountain America Credit Union and I am still working at Subway and working on getting certified for medical transcription so I can earn money at home until we can both finish school. Corbin changed his major to computers and I am still in Nursing. I haven't been posting on this blog because we have a family blog we post on. I decided recently that it will be nice to be able to look back at a blog all about OUR family too. So from now on I will post on this blog, anything I post on the other one.