Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Coopers Golf Glove

For about a week Cooper has been taking his sock off and putting it on his hand. Until today I didn't realize why....Its his golf glove:) I think it is so funny how obsessed he is with golf. At least right now! Hope it doesn't get out of hand, but at least it keeps him entertained. How cute is that cheeser ha ha ha....

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mr. Mom #2

I forgot to write about Corbin watching Cooper Saturday. It was my second day of my new job and Corbin had Cooper home sick. He threw up 4 times in the time that I was at work and again after I got home. Corbin did everything, washed the clothes and the bedding and cleaned it all up and gave Cooper bath time all day long. That night we were sitting down together talking and Corbin said, "I have a new respect for mom's that stay home"! Thank you, most dads really think it is all just fun and games staying home with the kids. I added a new song to the play list because it makes me laugh its really how it is. I new it would be good for Corbin to be home with Cooper! Thanks Corbin for admitting your new found respect...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mr Mom

Ok I just decieded tonight I would do a short up date for those family members and friends that we don't see much any more. I got a job!!! I now work at the Community Living Center in Centerfield. It was rough the first couple of days but day #2 was better. The BEST part is that Corbin gets to come home and live with us now. This week is his last week at CUE and he is happy to be with us but I know he is going to miss all the sweet people he works with there. He is so good with them. Cooper is becoming such a Daddy's boy, I think he knows he has to get all of his time in before he leaves. Now Corbin is going to be doing the Mr. Mom thing so they will have plenty of time. One last little story about this week. Corbin bought the work out dvd insanity. Let me tell you I know why they named it that. Before you can even do the work out they have you do a test and see how many times you can do the individual excercises. I think there are like 8 or something I don't know for sure because I only got to 3 excersises before I quit. I was sweating all over. I guess I will have to be more consistent with Turbo Jam before I try to become least we get a good laugh watching each other do it!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Family Pictures

Corbin had monday off so we decided we would go get some famiily pictures. We went to a few random places here in Salina and I think we got some really cut pictures. I was really quite happy with the turn out. The wind was blowing and it was hard getting Cooper to smile. But all in all for my mom being the photographer and the experience we have taking pictures, I think they turned out pretty darn cute.

The Farm

Travis was so cute with Cooper. He brought the lamb over to him so he could ride it, well sit on it. As you can probably tell Cooper wasn't exactly thrilled...Then we went down to another field and there were more sheep, plus cows and horses. We saw the baby lambs and a new calf, and Cooper got to sit on the horse. He is kind of a little chicken, he loves animals from far but as soon as they get close he clings to you like he will never see you again. Oh and by the way, the girlie coat he has on is an old one of Kennedy's. It was so warm in Salina we didn't think it would be so COLD in Fountain Green.

Silly Cooper

On Saturday we made a trip over to Travis and Amber's house to see the new animals. On the ride over Cooper had his hat on the way Grandpa Howell use to wear his hat. I think its so cute just resting on top of his head like that. He does is often enough I think he really likes it that way. On the way back he was getting kind of cranky. Corbin had a twinky in his car from

valentines day, so I was giving him pieces of it. It was kind of hard reaching back clear to his mouth so I just gave him the whole thing. Doesn't he look like he is in heaven!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Christmas Party 2009

We have an annual Howell family Christmas party and this year Grandma Howell Francom got Santa to come. Cooper really wasn't sure about sitting on his lap until he pulled out the candy cane. It was a lot of fun, Grandma goes to a lot of work every year to make it a success. Thanks a bunch we love you Grandma and Lynn.....

The Pumpkin Patch

I am a little behind on blogging some of the pictures I have. These are all from my moms camera so I got to it and decided to get them blogged today. In October Corbin, Cooper and I decided to come home for a weekend and Grandma and Grandpa Sperry took us to the pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins. We found a little baby kitten that followed us around and saw a lot of fun pumpkins. Some looked like they had witches warts and some were different colors. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of pumpkins.