Saturday, February 19, 2011

Exciting News

So for those of you who haven't heard my parents have been called to serve as Mission President and Missionary in the Quezon City North Phillipines Mission. They will leave June 22nd and be gone for 3 years. I had a really really hard time with it and cried and cried some more, but I am getting use to it a little. The biggest thing for me is that my parents will leave 4 weeks before we are due to have our baby number 2. I am pretty upset that my baby will be 3 before my parents will even be able to see it. Corbin and I plan to visit sometime with in the year so that they can at least meet our baby. We are excited for my parents and their new adventure and we are really excited about ours as well. Cooper has been very good and loves to hug and kiss the baby already. He sings songs and talks to it and is always worried that we will leave the baby lol...We will find out in March what we are having although Cooper informs me its a girl...We will have to see when that happens. I wish you all a very happy spring even though its only February I jsut simply can not wait for all the fun adventures spring brings!