Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mr Mom

Ok I just decieded tonight I would do a short up date for those family members and friends that we don't see much any more. I got a job!!! I now work at the Community Living Center in Centerfield. It was rough the first couple of days but day #2 was better. The BEST part is that Corbin gets to come home and live with us now. This week is his last week at CUE and he is happy to be with us but I know he is going to miss all the sweet people he works with there. He is so good with them. Cooper is becoming such a Daddy's boy, I think he knows he has to get all of his time in before he leaves. Now Corbin is going to be doing the Mr. Mom thing so they will have plenty of time. One last little story about this week. Corbin bought the work out dvd insanity. Let me tell you I know why they named it that. Before you can even do the work out they have you do a test and see how many times you can do the individual excercises. I think there are like 8 or something I don't know for sure because I only got to 3 excersises before I quit. I was sweating all over. I guess I will have to be more consistent with Turbo Jam before I try to become least we get a good laugh watching each other do it!


Shawn and Ali said...

Congrats on the job. I hope everything is going well.