Monday, February 22, 2010

Mr. Mom #2

I forgot to write about Corbin watching Cooper Saturday. It was my second day of my new job and Corbin had Cooper home sick. He threw up 4 times in the time that I was at work and again after I got home. Corbin did everything, washed the clothes and the bedding and cleaned it all up and gave Cooper bath time all day long. That night we were sitting down together talking and Corbin said, "I have a new respect for mom's that stay home"! Thank you, most dads really think it is all just fun and games staying home with the kids. I added a new song to the play list because it makes me laugh its really how it is. I new it would be good for Corbin to be home with Cooper! Thanks Corbin for admitting your new found respect...


The Rhodes Family said...

Hi Katie, This is Tiffany Ferguson, you probably won’t remember me, but I was Jenny roommate from Snow. I was surfing a friend of a friends blog and found yours. Didn’t know it was you, but you looked so familiar in your family photos. I kept reading and then figured it out. Your little boy is SOOO CUTE! Hope everything is going good for you! Give Jenny and Cliff a big HI from me! How are they doing and what are they upto?