Saturday, July 10, 2010

Who woulda thought?

John Beck in Salina Utah for the 4th of July! we were getting Cooper lined up for the races when one of my friends parents told me John Beck was over there. I quickly told Corbin and I wish you could have seen his face light up. Corbin stood next to his wife so that we were right next to them in the race. Afterwards he went over and asked if he could get a picture. Corbin also went home to get Coopers BYU football from Kyle and got it signed. John was a really cool guy actually and stood and had a conversation with corbin about passed and current BYU players. It totally made Corbins Day! Salina is now on the map LOL...Probably the most exciting 4th yet for Corbin. He has been chomping at the bit for me to put this picture up so that everyone can see. So here it is!


Jeannie said...

isn't it funny the things that make our days. his grandma live up the street from me and i brushed shoulders with him at church it was so exciting.. Your little boy is so cute!!

Brett and JaLee said...

How cool!! I'll have to show Brett. He'll appreciate it. Love love love's the Coug's.