Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Day from heck!

On Thursday I was at work and Corbin was home with Cooper. Subway closes at 9:00 and I thought I would be home in time to spend a little time with my family. There was a wrestling weigh in at the Gunnison High School so it was super busy we did not have time to do anything to prepare for the close. A little after 8 Corbin called me and said that Cooper had fallen and hit his nose on the brick around the fireplace and sent me a picture that didn't look too bad. I still wanted to get home and snuggle because Cooper was extremely sad. 10 min to 9 guy came in with his wife and 4 kids his sister and her kids and his dad. He said  "Im sorry to do this I know you guys are about to close. So they order and take forever becuase they can't quit talking to each other to even order. Then a couple of ladies come in and are super snotty to us and stand there trying to decide for 5 min at 9:00 when we are suppose to close what they are going to eat. 5 after 9 a girl that works across the street (at a drive in so she is also in the food business) comes in and orders food. This same Drive in orders food ALL the time at closing. In the mean time the first family that knew we were closing sits and stays!! They let all the kids run around and climb on the tables and play at the windows and make a huge mess. Finally at 9:15 I got so ticked off that I turned the open sign off and put the food away hoping they would get the hint. Finally at 9:30 they left and stayed in the parking lot another 15 min. We didn't get out of there until 10:00 and we are suppose to be out by 9:15. So by the time I got home Cooper had been crying for 2 1/2 hours for his mom. I felt so bad I started to cry and it made me even more mad that some people have no consideration for others! Once I got home Cooper's nose was clogged with blood in both nostrils and bruised and swollen. It looked so bad!! Even today he now has a black eye and its started to scab over..He looks like and ork from Lord of the Rings! The poor kid....This is why it was the day from Heck!! 

The Elk Farm

On our way to school each day we take the (short cut) behind gunnison and Centerfield to get to Ephraim. As we turn the corner there is a little elk farm that we pass. In the morning the elk are always way over on the other side where you can not see them. On the way home they are always right up by the fence and Cooper always says "I want to get out" :) He loves it and I think his dad loves it just as much!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I have made the decision to make the blog private! I made it private then undid it because I have some wrong E-mail adresses for some of you and don't have address's for some of you. I am going to leave it open for a little while and if you want to read let me know and I will put you on my list! Thanks!