Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Car Accident

On Memorial Day weekend Corbin and I decided we would go up to Brigham City to visit Leslie and Brad. We started out on Saturday and everything was going fine. I fell asleep and woke up to something other than as arriving. I woke up when I heard Corbin scream like a girl and all I could see was blurr. We were spinning across the freeway. This is how it happened... We were in the far left lane (the fast lane) it was a construction zone so the speed limit was 55 which is what we were going. The lines were kind of confusing because they had painted new ones all over the road I am sure you know what Imean. The girl that hit us was obviously WAY to close and she said she thought we were merging and came in to our lane and hit out right back side(going 85 mph) and it spun us across all three lanes of traffic and by some miracle we didn't hit any other cars. We just went through a fence and into a tree almost into a frontage road on the other side of the grassy part. Corbin didn't even think about anything else he jumped out and just started screaming at this girl. I had NO idea what had happened because I was asleep. I said to him Corbin come and see if I am ok. We laugh about it now. I couldn't get out because my door was totally jammed shut so I climbed out Corbins side and waited for the cops. Thank goodness I didn't go into labor. Leslie and Brad came and picked us up and I called my docotor. He said I needed to go to the hospital for observation to see if the uterus had pulled away from the uteran wall. Also he said if anything happens it usually happens the first 4 hours after the accident. So we went to Mckaydee Hospital in Ogden and just when we thought we were good to go I started having contractions. The doctor ordered a shot I don't remember the name but it is to stop contractions and it worked with just one dose. Then we were on our way. It was a long road to get everything back to normal. We had to get a rental and someone hit that car when Corbin took it up to the tracks train for jury duty and they just left. We had to have the rental car back on a tuesday and we found our car on Monday at 6 pm. . We were lucky because I was working in Payson and Corbo was working in Orem. It would have stunk with one car. Any way we are finally done with all of that mess...


Emilee said...

That is so scary Katie. I have never been in a freeway accident
(knock on wood). You have really bad luck when it comes to the freeway, since I have known you you have been in two freeway accidents!I glad that you guys were okay.

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