Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cooper with his cousins

Cooper was getting in the bathtub and one by one they all decided they wanted to get in. LOL 5 little boys in the bathtub together. It was so Fun...Wendy's boys Grady and Connor are 1st & 3rd..Cooper is 2nd and jenny's boys are Ryker and Blake 4th & 5th.
Cooper is reading a story to Jason's Tyler..He has really been loving babies, granted everyone and thier dog is prego right now but not his mother! He seriously loves to talk and sing and read to babies. I love it he even takes babies with him to daycare. Miss heather asked me if were getting ready for another baby because when people give babies to thier kids to get them ready. No I assure we are not...Lol I didn't even know people did that.
Blake and Cooper reading together. I love it when they do this I love to see that they like to read. What a good activity for cousins to do together! Blake and Cooper are the best of buddies (most of the time) :).. how you know your little man is all tuckered out! I don't remember what was going on that day I think he was playing with grandma...She was either really boring or really fun by the looks of it...
We had a Happy #77 Birthday party for my Grandma Howell Francom. Here we are with all of the Grandkids except Kamrie Lou who was born later. Pics next! Cameron was freaking out because my uncle Brian has a big dog. LOL you can see he is the one on the top left trying to get away from his sister holding him there long enough for the picture...It is never boring or quiet with all of  our kids around!       Cooper has such a good time with his cousins..we are so happy to have such a fun and large family. It sure makes everything more fun..Can't wait to get together with Corbin's family at Thanksgiving and my family at Christmas.